Facade Cleaning Services

facade cleaning services


Spytech Services is a leading provider of silicon Filling services and glass facade cleaning services in Mumbai. We offer facade cleaning services for high-rise buildings, showrooms, offices, factories, schools, residential and commercial complexes. Our main aim is to deliver high-quality facade cleaning services to clients at affordable rates.
The exterior look of a building is equally important as the interior decoration. Facade is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc., which not only defaces the look of the building but also is detrimental for the life of your building. So, it is necessary to keep it sparkling clean and maintained. We understand that your building is a sign of your social status and prestige and you do care for it as you do for your kids. So do we, we take every possible care to protect and clean your building’s facade including use of chemicals, equipments, weak and important points of the buildings during our facade cleaning service. We strive hard to ensure that the facade of your building leaves a lasting impression on your clients, workers health & safety and durability to your building.
Mention the subject of window cleaning and concerns will be raised regarding Health and Safety, you will be pleased to know that this subject is our main priority when undertaking any work whatsoever on your premises. It is imperative that all practices and procedures we, as a company adopt while carrying out any cleaning contract will comprise a safe working environment at all times. The Company expects all employees to take reasonable care of the Health and Safety of himself. Each employee will ensure that the Health and Safety of themselves and others by: Making themselves familiar with the contents of our Health and Safety Policy.